—The Art of the Bodyguard—

About the Author

1984-1988: Former Agent of "Investigative Specialist Inc.", Las Vegas.

Specializing in Executive Protection, Undercover, Kickbacks, Wrongful Death and Fraud.

1990-1997 President and Founder:"AAA Protection" Specializing in Highly Trained Professional Bodyguards.

Personal Bodyguard for the following V.I.P's, Redd Foxx, Steve Allen, Muhammed Ali, Aaron Russo and the Pepsi UH-HUH Girls.


7th Degree Black Belt: Kenpo Karate Jiu Jitsu Expert and Trained Kyokushin (bare knuckle) fighter.

30 years Martial Arts and "SIJO'' (founder) of White Tiger Systems. Official Member of (Bruce Lee) Jeet Kune Do.

12 years Bodyguard Instructor 20 years Professional Bodyguard and small arms expert.

Certified Defensive Tactic Instructor of "The Handler 12" Control & Restraint device for Law Enforcement / Security Personnel.

Active Bail Enforcement, VIP & Dignitary Protection Agent/Instructor.

Sacramento City College Certified in "Protection of Public Officials" taught by the "CHiP" VIP & Dignitary Protection Agent/Instructor.

AA Degree in behavorial Science and Graduate U.S. Air Force School of Applied Aerospace Science.

1972-73 Kentucky All-State Basketball Honorable Mention

1974-75 Jr. College Basketball All-American


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